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    Wide Bay Motor Complex Incorporated

    Just a little update from the team. While the events guys are busily getting the final touches on the Sign On day, behind the scenes we're kicking a few small goals with not one but two small funding applications lodged late last week and another two set to go out by Friday this week. Our big news today is our Traffic Report has been started!! We are very lucky to have received solid support from the traffic engineer who has provided his services at a significantly reduced fee.We are incredibly grateful for everyone who has contributed even $20 to our cause and are proud to say we have raised over $2000 since our initial request including a couple of foundation memberships which is really encouraging for our team. We have revised our fundraising target down slightly in recent days which means we now only need to raise just over $31,000 and we can achieve all the tasks necessary to lodge our development application. From where we started many many years ago, this is an incredibly humbling position to be in.We often get asked the question.. What have we achieved?Respecting the efforts of several previous committees, we have collectively:Evaluated 4 different sites over an extensive period of time:• Susan River / Dundathu / Churchill Mines area (2006-09 Under the Fraser Coast Motorpark banner - Investigations were discontinued due to lack of access roads, power and difficult environmental conditions),• Isis Junction (2010-11, considered too close to residential areas, difficult / expensive highway access requirements),• Pig Creek (2011-2012 - Discontinued due to difficult site access, and highway access was considered far too costly),• Current site is 5 minutes east of Maryborough on the Maryborough – Cooloola Coast RoadCurrent site progress:• Our environmental consultant has completed all his site investigative activities ( * see note below *) • We've completed our initial government department discussions • Masterplan and design concepts redrawn to match available space• Council has agreed to entering into a long term lease with us on approval of our development application which we hope to lodge within the next 6 months funding permitting• We have engaged a traffic engineer to do our necessary traffic management reports. This will be completed in a maximum of 8 weeks, possibly sooner if all goes smoothly • Identified potential funding sources including a significant funding program opening in July this yearNext steps:• Complete traffic management reports • Complete environmental reports (produce actual documentation) • Compile town planning reports and supporting documentation• Produce Development Application document• Complete Development Application drawings• Lodge Development Application with FCRC* We need to pay our consultants for their services including the environment consultant - $22,000, Traffic Engineer $880 (we received a significant fee discount here as a sponsorship), development application drawings ($7500) and government lodgement fees totalling approximately $3000) bringing the total to $33,380. We have currently raised about 10% of this total via donations and membership but much more is needed to get us across the line! With over 3000 followers, if just half of those people gave us just $20 each, we’d be there in no time!Once the application is lodged and approved, WE ARE IN THE GATES AND ABLE TO TURN DIRT!!!